Summer is almost here, and you think YOU need a vacation? What about your liver?? Here are the most obvious signs that your liver could use some love: 

  • You crave sugar often
  • You’re always tired or “foggy”
  • You have seasonal allergies
  • You eat healthy but don’t feel healthy
  • Your skin isn’t clear
  • Your skin is itchy
  • You have joint pain
  • You’re stressed or anxious
  • You’re having trouble losing weight
  • You have frequent mood swings

So how does your liver take time off? One way is our upcoming 14-day detox designed to refresh and reset one of your hardest working organs.

All day every day, food, stress, pollutants, and other toxins accumulate in your body. Although your liver is built to handle this, sometimes it gets overloaded. For example, eating too much processed food or coping with excessive stress causes inflammation in your body. This inflammation puts a strain on your metabolism, which can cause you to gain weight, especially around your belly. While we can’t always control our exposure to all pollutants and chemicals, we can make strategic dietary and lifestyle shifts that counter their effects. The best way to help your liver function better and to give the digestive tract a bit of a break is to do a detox!

And we’ve got just the detox for you. In our fully guided program starting June 1, 2019, we will:

  • Focus on eating delicious, healthy foods
  • Eliminate foods that put a burden on your body
  • Explore healthy recipes that taste good and are easy to make
  • Eat mindfully so that after 2 weeks we will have better tools and stronger wills to avoid boomeranging back to all the processed, packaged, bad-for-us foods

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Kickoff meeting is May 28, 2019 @ 6:30

As awesome as detoxes can be, they are NOT for everyone. Certain at-risk people should avoid detoxes, including children, adolescents, older adults, pregnant or lactating women and people who have blood sugar issues.

Denise Renteria

Denise Renteria

Licensed Acupuncturist

Creating more focus, energy and creativity with acupuncture.

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